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Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream, skimmed milk powder, sugar, emulsifier: E471 mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilizers: E412 guar gurn, E410 locust bean gum, E466 ca-boxymethyicellulose E401 sodium alginate, E407 carrageenan flavours. Dried coconut (55%), stabilizer: E420ii sorbitol syrup, flavours, acidifier: E330 citric acid, salt, antioxidant: E307 alpha-tocopherol Fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut), cocoa, emulsifier: E322 lecithin, antioxidant E307 alpha-tocopherol. May contain traces of peanuts, soy, soya, milk and nuts.

All allergens are highlighted in bold. 

We can not 100% guarantee that there are no traces of other allergens as we handle them on our production line but every effort is made to limit cross contamination where possible.

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